360 videos: Courtesy of HOME360, Inc.

Welcome to Ryubin's Panorama Laboratory. We focus on exploring the capability of personal computing environment connected with the Net or the Cloud, in terms of producing and presenting ultra wide-angle motion pictures as well as still images with a hope of realizing affordable approaches or solutions allowing global panorama fans and hobbyists to easily create, enjoy and share their own world of omni-directional vision with minimum additional investment.

On April 14, 2007, we have released the world's first omni-directional video player using Flash, which was capable of playing equi-rectangular type of panoramic video clips as an optional feature. Over time, the player has obtained a reputation as the starting milestone in the history of 360video (or MotionVR) players.

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Ryubin's Panorama Laboratory, Ryubin Office

Operated by Ryubin Office, Kanagawa, Japan (http://www.ryubin.com/). Since February 9, 2007.